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To Celebrate Our 90th Year,

Help Us Plant 


Trees by June, 2023!

We are all aware of the value of trees throughout the town and many have been lost to storms, disease, or development and not replaced. Replacing them with native species provides multiple benefits for our environment and future generations including...

~ Enhancing the value and appearance of our homes and properties.

~ Sequestering carbon.

~ Protecting water quality by filtering out pollutants and sediments.

~ Absorbing storm water and reducing flooding.

~ Creating essential habitat & food for wildlife and beneficial insects.

~ Providing food and habitat for other plants.
~ Creating shade to cool homes and populated areas.
~ Providing a source of beauty, relaxation and recreation.

Consider joining our effort by planting:

Broadleaf/Shade/Deciduous trees:

White oak, red maple, ash, sycamore, gum, American chestnut, river birch, flowering dogwood (Cornus florida), balsam, redbud, sourwood, black cherry


Eastern red cedar, white pine, American holly (Ilex opaca), northern white cedar, white spruce

Planting a Tree

Tell us what tree you've planted by completing the form below and we'll chart your tree on the Harwich map at the Harwich Community Center!


Our 2022- 2023

Executive Board

President  - 

1st Vice President  - 

2nd Vice President  - 

Treasurer  - 

Assistant Treasurer  -

Recording Secretary  -

Corresponding Secretary  -

Denise Schultz

Mary Wheeler

Mary Hastings

Cy Howe

Linda Hampson

Barbara Obrig

Lynne Drummond

Founded in 1932 by 25 women who loved to garden, the objectives of the GCOH remain the same as in those early days 86 years ago:

To stimulate interest in gardening and horticulture and to beautify Harwich through education, conservation and cooperation with civic authorities.  

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Celebrating 90 Years!

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