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Community Projects

"Flowers always make people feel better, happier & more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul."     
Luther Burbank
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The GCH is partnering with the National Wildlife Federation to certify backyard wildlife habitats and open spaces throughout the Harwiches.  We are happy to report that we achieved  town certification in November 2019.  That meant that at least 175 homes and open spaces met five criteria:  to provide food sources for wildlife, water sources, places for cover to raise young, and use sustainable gardening practices.  We were the first town on Cape Cod to receive the designation.   Please  join us in our efforts by going to and clicking on “Get Involved” and then clicking “Certify.”  Our club will celebrate its 90th birthday in 2022.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if 90 more properties became certified as NWF backyard wildlife habitats?  You probably have already met most of the requirements for certification.    

Blooming Barrels

Harwich Garden Club

1.Brooks Academy Upper Gardens / 2.Brooks Academy Lower Lawn / 3.Brooks Free Library / 4.Brooks Park Entrance / 5.Chase Library, W. Harwich / 6.Doane Park, Harwich Port / 7.Exchange Park, Harwich Center / 8.Exit 10 Entrance Ramp / 9.Exit 11 at Route 137 / 10.Julien Road/Route 28 / 11.Millennium and Albro Park . / 12.Peace Garden, Evergreen Cemetery / 13.Richard Rogers Memorial Park / 14.Saquatucket Harbor/Route 28 / 15.South Harwich Post Office / 16.Thompson's Field, Chatham Road / 17.West Harwich Post Office / 18.Wychmere Harbor Overlook

Civic Beautification

of Harwich

Parks and Gardens

Harwich Garden Club

The garden club plants and maintains 18 gardens throughout Harwich.


Streetscape Planters Brighten

the Entire Town

We Add

Flowers &Warmth Wherever

We're Needed!

Harwich Garden Club
Harwich Garden Club

We change up the contents of the planters with each season to keep it looking lovely and contributing to the town’s streetscape.

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Small Heading
Harwich Garden Club
Beautifying Our Nursing Homes
Harwich Garden Club
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