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Harwich Garden Club
Harwich Garde Club
Harwich Garden Club
Harwich Garden Club

Learn With Each Other

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Monthly meetings, some of which are open to anyone (See Open Meetings) from September through June, include:

  • Social time

  • Club Business Meeting

  • Horticulture exhibit/competition

  • Outside speakers  floral design, best practices, etc.)

We take occasional field trips to local gardens, nurseries or museums, etc.

Our club is a member of The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, so we can take advantage of a wide variety of educational opportunities.


Learn From Each Other

Our members are a talented bunch!

  • Our Horticulture Committee teaches us about plant identification, plant habits and how to exhibit specimens.

  • Our professional designers offer workshops to teach us the elements of good floral design.

  • Our expert wreath makers teach us their secrets every holiday season.

  • Our Master Gardeners help us answer plant questions and trouble shoot pest problems.

  • Our bee expert teaches us about the importance of enticing those little pollinators into our gardens.

The possibilities for teaching moments are infinite, given the amazing talents of our members.

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Learn About Each Other

Garden Club of Harwich
Garden Club of Harwich

As we roll up our sleeves together around town, we truly get to know each other. We work together to:

  • Care for 18 public gardens and 50+ streetscape planters

  • Decorate 100 holiday wreaths

  • Provide monthly floral arrangements for the Brooks Library

  • Provide small bouquets for clients at Meals on Wheels and in nursing homes

  • Patrol for litter (“Project G-Litter”)

  • Give Scholarships and “Toolships” to students

  • Share committee duties, divide hostas, plant daffodils, snip our dahlias for elderly patients: This is where the seeds of friendship begin to flourish. Relationships take root and we are enriched far beyond what we offer to the community.

Garden Club of Harwich
Garde Club of Harwich

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Help us reach our goal of being the first Cape Cod town to be certified as a "Wildlife Habitat Community" through the National Wildlife Association.  Click on image to find out how easy it is.



Floribunda Award

Presented each year to a member who has given exceptional service to our Club.

June 2018

A member since 2005, Peg Erdlen has efficiently handled all of the email communications for the Club, as well as led the website re-design and implementation team. 

Thank you Peg.

Garden Club of Harwich

June 2017

As our Treasurer for the past three years, Janet Fitzgerald moved us into 21st century accounting and technology.  Well Deserved, Janet.

Harwich Chamber Of Commerce 

Civic Beautification Award, June 2017

The Harwich Chamber of Commerce presented its 2017 CIVIC BEAUTIFICATION AWARD to our hard working, active, big spending club! We appreciate the recognition and share it with all of you who plan, dig, plant, weed and water to maintain our wonderful planters and 18 public spaces around town.

Garden Club of Harwich

GCFM Mildred S. Parker 

Conservation & Environmental Award

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts (of which we are a member) presents numerous awards each year to the state’s large and small clubs. Individual clubs must complete an application form nominating a project and outlining its significance. This year the MILDRED S. PARKER CONSERVATION & ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD went to Harwich for the design and planting of the 4500 square-foot native plant garden at the Chatham Road entrance to Thompson’s Field, Town of Harwich Conservation Land. Congratulations to Nancy Hipp and her energetic committee….Carol Aimone, Linda Hampson, Robin McGowan, Amy Natiello and Kathleen Welch ….for making us proud! If you have not visited the garden, you must! It is an admirable achievement! Go native!

Garden Club of Harwich

Our History



Founded in 1932 by 25 women who loved to garden and paid 25 cents to join, the GCOH history is a microcosm of the history of a chunk of the 20th century and beyond, reflecting the tastes, passions, needs, social and environmental concerns and gardening practices of nine decades!  One needs a lot of mulch to cover that!  The members had a lot of work to do through a world war, victory gardens, the tumultuous 60's, the national awareness for a cleaner environment, Lady Bird and her wildflowers, the influx of visitors to Cape Cod, the digital age, and the growth of Harwich which presented a myriad of challenges to residents, businesses and government alike. But throughout its history the objectives of the Club have remained the same...to stimulate interest in gardening and horticulture  and to beautify Harwich through education, conservation and cooperation with civic authorities.  The challenges continue, especially as we become more densely populated and concerns of erosion, water quality and littering are looming.


Through it all we moved meetings from home to community building to parish hall and back again and continued to bake cookies! Most of all, we made and are making a difference...in our lives, our community and in this fragile place we call home, Cape Cod.

Garden Club of Harwich